| Adrian Grecu - visual artist - Cluj-Napoca
This is the official website of the visual artist Adrian Grecu from Cluj-Napoca Romania
Adrian Grecu, visual artist, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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The dynamics of objects, the expression of energy, the dialogue established between the real and the virtual are my favourite topics. Not coincidentally the glass sculpture represented a starting point of the artistic experiments, it was a “game” of forms, a method of knowledge, of facing the space. The glass transparency provided a certain immateriality by emphasizing the energy features, of reflexion and rendering the light in abstract type of works. From glass immateriality there was only one step away towards digital, figurative art, to 3D graphics in which I found a personal space of expression.


In the 3D scenes, I create objects or characters similarly to sculptors, I put them into light to obtain in the end expressive works that I print on canvas.


Adrian Grecu

Born 1969

Lives in Cluj

Solo Exhibitions

2017 – “Galeria 45”, Cluj-Napoca, “The Incomplete Survival Kit” (augmented reality & virtual reality)
2009 -“Ancient Gallery”, Cluj-Napoca (glass & 3D projects)
1999 -“Ancient Gallery”, Cluj-Napoca (glass &computer art)
1998 -“Arts Home Gallery”, Bucharest (glass & neon tubes)
1997 -“Ancient Gallery”, Cluj-Napoca (glass & neon tubes)
1996 -“Pantheon” Gallery, Cluj-Napoca (glass & neon tubes)

Group Exhibitions

2016 – “UNTOLD Art” exhibition, UNTOLD Festival
2015, 2013  – UAP Exhibition, Museum of Art, Cluj (catalogue)
2012 – “Salon pe balcon”, Museum of Art, Cluj
2006 – Glass and Ceramics Exhibition – Museum of Art, Cluj
– Kore Gallery – Glass & neon tubes
– Ancient Gallery – “Interart Exhibition”
– Romanian Modern Artists` Exhibition- Koga City Museum – Japan (catalogue)
2003: – Ex Libris International Exhibition ,Stedelijke Musea, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
2001: – Graphics International Festival, “Oulim The Great Harmony”, Seul, Korea (catalogue)
– Ex Libris International Exhibition, Gliwicze, Poland
– The International Mini-Print Biennial, Museum of Art, Cluj
– Graphics International Festival, Kanagawa, Japan
2000 – The exhibition “Identities”, Brancusi Hall, The House of Parlament, Bucharest
– International Print Festival, Cheju, Korea
1999 – Exhibition of Romanian Decorative Arts, Romanian Cultural Centre,Venice, Italy
-The International Mini-Print Biennial, Museum of Art, Cluj
1998 – International Art Camp “Salina `98”, Salina Turda. (catalogue)
1996 -The anniversary exhibition “Academia 70”, “Big Gallery” (U.A.P.)
– Design exhibition, “Big Gallery” (U.A.P.)
1997- The International Exhibition “Nesse Bition”, Osaka, Japan
-The International Biennial of ceramics-glass-metall, “Arts of Fire”, Galeria Etaj 3\\4, Bucharest
1995 -The exhibition of the ceramics-glass section, Museum of Art, Collection Departament, Cluj-Napoca
1991, 1993 – The County Graphics Hall, “Big Gallery” (U.A.P.), Cluj


“Diaspora” nr. 46-47\2016, “Tribuna”  nr. 305 \2015, nr.161. 16-31 may \2009, nr.37\1996,  “Stirea” 25 June 1997, “Szabadsag” 12 June 1997, National daily “Romania Libera”7 February 1998, “Dreptatea” nr.175\\1998, “Natiunea” 6-12 February 1998, “Privirea” 27 January-3 February 1998, “2000 Plus” nr. 5\1998, national cultural review “Contemporanul”22 January\1998, “Monitorul” 5 November\1999, “Adevarul de Cluj” 3 November 1999, “Szabadsag” 4 November\1999, “Transilvania Jurnal” 4 Novemver 1999, “Mesagerul Transilvan” 3 November\1999, “Informatia de Cluj” 6-12 November\1999, “Echinox” nr.6\\1988, “Napoca Universitara” 1988, “Patria” nr. 2,3,6,7,8,9,14\1990, “Contemporanul” 22 January 1998, “Artelier” nr .\1998, “Vatra” nr. 4\1999.


– “Untold Art” prize 2016

– 1st prize: The New Energy Paradigm Shift 2012 Art Show (http://coldfusionnow.org/their-banner-is-excelsior/)